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Customer Reviews & Ratings Mixcder® Basso

Review by Vernal Scott

Posted on 11/10/2016


This Mixcder headset is excellent for its price! I own and have tested many different sets of in-ear Bluetooth headphones in recent years and occasionally come across a set which is superior to the others. This is almost as good as the best set. The design is subtle and attractive, but most importantly, the sound is very good indeed: fantastic bass, mids, and treble! I should add that the bass is present but not overbearing.

Some say that Bluetooth headphones sound worse than wired ones, and they may be right, but nothing beats the untangled convenience of the wireless connection, especially when the manufacturer has, as in this case, done all they can to deliver the best possible wireless sound. The price is right, too. The battery life is about 5 hours or so at mid volume. The Bluetooth connection worked in seconds with both my Lumia 1520 and Galaxy Tab S. A breeze!

Review by Jacky

Posted on 6/4/2016


I have just purchased these through Amazon. Not only is the price extremely attractive at the moment but the product itself looks fab.
The sound quality is amazing, easy answer of phone. Just what I wanted they stay in the ear. Well done guys am thrilled with purchase

Review by zak

Posted on 1/7/2016

a week later.

I got these headphones as a christmas gift and loved them at first. They stayed in my ears well and there was no tangled mess of chords anymore.
The sound was great and i loved that they had a seek backwards button.
So after a week of me and basso bonding at the gym, miles ran and 1000s of lbs lifted. And the head nods the hours of head nodding basso gave me where unmeasurable.
But one night, the tile cold on my feet basso whispered a soft static electronic crackle in my left ear, i thought to myself "thats strange, must be some interference, basso wouldnt do something like this to me."
But basso got louder almost angry as the sound spread to the right speaker.
Frantic i tried powering basso down "maybe basso needs a break." Nothing, basso's buttons no longer responded to my touch.
Panic, my hands shaking holding basso in both of them like i was trying to hold water without letting it spill between my finger tips.
I thought "basso needs power!"
With a click basso went quiet, it seemed power was what my dear friend needed.
The red light re assuring me basso might just pull through this, "i might have saved my dear friend basso."
I was able to sleep, letting basso do the same i thought the next day would be back to normal, head nodding, gym going normal.
I awoke like it was christmas all over again. I reached to my nightstand, felt the soft plastic rubber of bassos ear piece.
I look down, red light? Red light still?
This cant be!
Basso now sleeps, still plugged in to the power source, keeping my hopes alive just strong enough that one day basso will respond to my touch again.
Ive gone back to my old chrorded headphones but i dont feel nearly as free as i did with basso, basso let me do things a tied down headphone never can.
If you ever return to me basso, i will accept you with open ears.

Review by Dave

Posted on 10/7/2015

The Mixcder earphones are an outstanding pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds for the price.

The Mixcder earphones are an outstanding pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds for the price. It supports virtually all Bluetooth devices. I tested it with an LG G3, iPad, and MacBook Air and all synced quickly and had no issues at all.

The in-ear design pretty much acts as a noise cancellation feature and when tested at the gym, all of the outside noise was blocked very well. The sound quality is very good for such a compact pair of earphones and I have not had to charge it in the few days since I've used it so the battery life is excellent (rated for 5 hours of playback). The included microphone is a nice touch for when you need it. I like the fact that the earbuds have clips that go around your ear which I prefer due to their stability even when running.

Overall, these are a solid pair of Bluetooth earphones for a great price. 5/5 stars.

This product was provided for my honest and unbiased review.


Product Details

Item weight 22.5000 g
Shipping weight45.85 g
Product Dimensions 0.5* 0.5*2.7 Inches

Mic. Spec

Microphone Unit Φ 4*1.5mm
S.P.L -42±3dB S.P.L at 1KHz
Impedance ≤2.2kΩ
Frequency response
Directivity Omni-directional

Speaker Spec

Speaker diameter Φ 10mm
Frequency response20Hz-20KHz
Impedance 32Ω±15% at 1KHz 0.178V
S.P.L 98±3dB S.P.L at 1KHz
Rated power 1mW

Bluetooth Spec

Bluetooth version 4.1+EDR
Support profileHSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP/SPP
Transmission frequency 2.40GHz-2.48GHz
Transmission distance 10m
Transmission power Class 2 0.025-2.5mW
Pairing name Mixcder Basso

Battery Spec

Charging port Micro USB
Standby timeMore than 100 hours
Talking time About 4 hours
Playing time About 4 hours
Charging time About 1 hours
Battery type Build in 70mah rechargeable lithium battery
Storage temperature -40℃ - 70℃
Operating temperature -20℃- 60℃

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