Mixcder FAQ - Headphones Frequently Asked Question How to buy headphones

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1. Will it work on a T.V.?
If your TV has audio out or headphones out, you can do it. The signal must be 3.5mm or must be adapted to 3.5mm. The USB power must be provided separately unless your TV has it.
2. What are the functions of the two cables coming with the headphone?
The USB cable is the charging cable. The 3.5 mm cable is an audio cable to enjoy music in wired mode.
3. Can I use it with a smart TV?
Yes, it works with all devices with Bluetooth. If your Smart TV has Bluetooth, it is ok to use; if your Smart TV doesn't have Bluetooth, you will need a Bluetooth transmitter like Mixcder TR007 and TR008 or a Bluetooth dongle to enable your smart TV.
4. Does it attach to each other magnetically when around your neck?
No, there are no magnets.
5. How many watts does it use?
3W*2. It is a mini USB speaker for PC and maybe the bass is not stronger than DC power speaker, but suitable for you to enjoy your music.
6. How far apart can the speakers be?
It’s 20 inches.
7. Can I plug MSH169 with a headset?
No, you can't. It only has an output no input.
8. How long is the USB cable?
The USB cable length is 4 feet.
9. What are the dimensions of these speakers?
The single one is 13.5*10*7.5cm (about 5.3*3.9*3.0inches)
10. Are the speakers compatible with Windows 10?
Yes, It is compatible with all the PC systems. It is plug and play.
11. Can I use it for my Xbox one?
No, you can't. Because Xbox one has no 3.5mm audio port.