Mixcder FAQ - Headphones Frequently Asked Question How to buy headphones

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1. What are Mixcder Coins?
Mixcder Coins are points that can be accumulated by customers and exchanged for vouchers/gifts. To learn more about Mixcder Coins, please see the sections below.
2. What are the benefits of Mixcder coins?
a.Exchange for coupon codes and gifts.
b.First-hand information on the latest Mixcder products.
c.Extra bonus package for top three coin owners every year.
3. Who will get Mixcder Coins?
User who registers as a member on www.mixcder.com.
4. How can I obtain Mixcder Coins?
Mixcder Coins can be obtained by:
  - Visiting and logging into the website every day.
  - Filling out your profile completely.
  - Reviewing products after receiving the goods in 30 days.
  - Commenting on Mixcder's blog.
  - Liking Mixcder Facebook Fan Page.
  - Liking, sharing a post or commenting on a thread on Mixcder Facebook fan page.
5. How do I exchange Mixcder Coins for vouchers and gifts?
Mixcder Coins can be used to exchange items at Mixcder.
6. Why did I lose Mixcder Coins?
Mixcder Coins will be deducted if:
  - You accept a Product Review Invitation and fail to complete the review within 1 month.
  - You deliberately write inaccurate and malicious product reviews.
7. Can I return products that are obtained by Mixcder Coins?
Items claimed with Mixcder Coins cannot be returned or exchanged. Please be careful when using your Mixcder Coins. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at promotion@mixcder.com