Mixcder FAQ - Headphones Frequently Asked Question How to buy headphones

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1. Why my mobile phone or computer cannot find the earphone?
Please make sure that the headphone is in pairing mode, which means the red and blue LED light flashing alternately.
Note: Please delete some devices if there are too many connected records on your mobile phone or computer.
2. How to make sure my earphone won't fall off while jogging?
Please make sure that you have worn the earphone tightly. And please wear over the ear hook and chose the suitable ear buds to close to your ears.
3. How to use built-in microphone to answer calls?
When your earphone rings, please kindly press once the multi-function button to answer.
4. Why my earphone can't be paired to a Bluetooth speaker?
Bluetooth has two modes: Transmitting and Receiving, Bluetooth speaker belongs to receiving, so it can't be paired with a Bluetooth headphone.
5. Why I can't make phone calls with this headphone?
There are several possibilities: damaged microphone, disturbed signal, like walls or long distance.
6. Is it sweat-proof?
Yes! It's sweat-proof, you can enjoy exercising without worrying about the sweat.
7. If it can be connected with two devices? Because the Bluetooth version is 4.1.
Sorry it can't be connected with two devices simultaneously. It doesn't depend on Bluetooth version but the Bluetooth chip.
8. Can I use it with a smart TV?
Yes, it works with all devices with Bluetooth. If your Smart TV has Bluetooth, it is ok to use; if your Smart TV doesn't have Bluetooth, you will need a Bluetooth transmitter like Mixcder TR007 and TR008 or a Bluetooth dongle to enable your smart TV.
9. Can I remove the holders of the earphone?
Yes, you can easily remove them if you want, it's soft rubber. We suggest you can use the holders in gym, and remove it at home.
10. Does it attach to each other magnetically when around your neck?
No, there are no magnets.