Mixcder FAQ - Headphones Frequently Asked Question How to buy headphones

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1. Does it have a mic?
Yes! It is with a built-in mic. you can use it to answer phone calls.
2. Is this earphone a good choice for exercising?
Yes, they stay in your ear well and keep outside noise out. Would highly recommend.
3. Does it have inline volume control and play/pause function?
It is with a multifunctional button inline. Press once shortly on the button to answer/end/ phone calls or pause/play; press and hold the button to reject phone calls; press twice on the button to go to the next song when listening to music; press three times on the button to go back to the previous song.
4. Is this earphone compatible with iPhone and android phone?
Yes, it is compatible with all Apple devices except iPhone 7, Android Smartphone, Mp3/Mp4 player, Laptop, Tablets, other devices with 3.5mm audio output.
5. how good is the noise canceling?
it's not an active noise canceling earphone, so you can still hear a little noise.
6. How long is the cord?
The cord of earphones is 1.3m (about 4.3 feet).
7. Can I use it to redial last call?
No, it only can used to answer or reject a call.
8. Does it come with extra ear buds?
Yes, 3 pairs(S/L/Dual shape), 2 pairs of ear hooks(S/L) are also included.