Mixcder FAQ - Headphones Frequently Asked Question How to buy headphones

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1. My computer has no response when the USB cord is connected.
Please check if the USB port of the computer is loose and try to connect to the USB port at the back of the monitor.
2. Why I cannot hear the sound?
Please check if the volume of the computer is on or if it's mute.
3. Is it compatible with Xbox one?
It depends on your Xbox one, if it has USB 2.0 port, power is compatible with it.
4. Does the microphone have a LED light that turns on while speaking?
Yes, a blue LED light.
5. How is the bass on this? Apart from gaming, is it good for watching movies and listening to music with deep bass?
Yes, there is a good deep bass with a vibrating effect. It's also a very nice choice to watch movies and listen to music.
6. How long is the cable?
It's 2.5 meters (About 8.2 feet)
7. Can the microphone be removed?
No, it can't be removed, but it can be folded and hided.