Mixcder FAQ - Headphones Frequently Asked Question How to buy headphones

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1. My computer has no response when the USB cord is connected.
Please check the if the USB port of the computer is loose.
2. Why i cannot hear the sound?
Please check if the volume of the computer is on or if it's mute .
3. Does the microphone work with PS4?
Yes, it works with PS4.
4. Is there a LED light that turns on while speaking?
No, but the ear cups turns red when turning on.
5. What kind of plug does the MAT2 have?
A 3.5 mm and a USB port.
6. How is the bass on this? Apart from gaming, is it good for watching movies and listening to music with deep bass?
Yes, there is a good deep bass. The driver unit is 50mm, it's a very nice choice to watch movies and listen to music.
7. How long is the cable?
It's 2 meters (6.56 feet)