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1. Does the TR008 support call function?
No, it doesn't support.
2. What's the TX/RX mode?
a. Turn the toggle switch to the "TX" positon, and it mainly connects with wireless headphones and speakers. You can connect with 1 device or 2 devices simultaneously.
b. Turn the toggle switch to the "RX" positon, and it mainly connects with audio play devices, such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.
3. Does the TR008 have volume adjusting button?
TR008 has no volume adjusting button, you can adjust the volume via wireless headphone or audio play devices.
4. I have connected with two wireless headphones in TX mode (Blue and green LED are solid), but the one is no sound, why?
a. press the wireless headphone switch button.
b. exchange the wireless headphone position(the wireless headphone which has no sound pair with TR008 first, then the other one pair with TR008 again.)
5. How did SONY wireless headphone pair?
You need to pair SONY wireless headphone with TR008 first, then you can pair the other one.
6. How to connect the paired devices in TX mode when beyond the effective range?
1. It will connect the paired devices of effective range in 5 minutes
2. If you find one of the device has no sound after connecting it automatically, please power on the TR008 again.
7. The wireless headphone can pair with TR008 for 1-2 times, why it can’t pair with TR008 later?
You can press the switch button twice in TX or RX mode to clear the paired list. Then you can pair the TR008 again.
8. Does TR008 work with 2 headphones that support low latency without any problems?
When the TR008 is connected with 2 headphones at the same time,it can only support aptX. The aptX LL function can only be used when it is connected with one headphone.
9. Can TR008 be paired with a Bluetooth speaker?
Yes, TR008 can be paired with a Bluetooth speaker.
10. Can it be left plugged in all the time?
Yes, it can be plugged in all the time so you won’t have to worry that it will be out of power.