Mixcder FAQ - Headphones Frequently Asked Question How to buy headphones

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1. Can it be used while it is charging?
No, I am afraid it could not be used while it is charging.
2. Can I use this to computers?
Yes,please follow the instructions below,
1. Use the audio cable provided in the package to connect the transceiver with the receiving device, such as MP3, computer, TV, home stereo system, car stereo system or other devices.
2. Pair your transceiver with the devices.
3. When the pairing is successful, you can enjoy music from the MP3,computer,TV,home stereo, car stereo or other devices.
3. Why TR007 cannot be turned on?
The TR007 may be out of power. Please recharge it and try again.
4. Can I change the song or volume when pairing with a Bluetooth headphone in TX mode?
Sorry, you can’t change the song or volume on TR007 when paired with a Bluetooth headphone. But you can directly operate in your Bluetooth headphone.
5. Can I use TR007 in either mode (transmitter or receiver) while charging it?
Yes, you can.
6. Can I pair the TR007 with two speakers at the same time?
No, you can’t, it only can pair with one device.
7. Can I use TR007 to connect with my TV, then pairing with the Bluetooth headset?
Yes, but you need to be sure that your TV has a 3.5mm audio port.
8. Is there a built-in microphone?
No, there is no built-in microphone.
9. Can I charge this device using a kindle charger or a similar charger?
I suggest using the provided charging adapter. Since charging with an unknown power source could damage it.