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Pair & Connect Your Mixcder Headphone with Your iPhone

Step 1:
Tap the Settings Icon on your 
Home page.

Step 2:
On the Settings page. tap Bluetooth.

Step 3:
Check that the Bluetooth on your source device is turned on. If not. slide the Bluetooth switch from left to right (located on the top right of the Bluetooth page) and the Bluetooth will turn on.

Step 4:
Now. turn on your Mixcder Headphone. Take Mixcder E7 as an example. Press and hold the power button until the indicator that flashes blue slowly becomes flashing red and blue alternately. At this moment, the system is in the pairing mode, waiting to pair with other devices. You will then see a listing for your Mixcder headphone under DEVICES.

Step 5:
Then, click “Mixcder E7”. Please wait patiently as your source device pairs and connects with your headphone.

Step 6:
Once paired. you will see “Connected” under the listing of your Mixcder headphone. You can now play audio wirelessly to your Mixcder Headphone.