About Us-Mixcder

About Us

We're on a mission to help our customers to find the unique sound they truly love.

Founded in America, specializes in designing, researching and developing relevant professional audio products and solutions for those who what to find out the sound they love most. Our mission is to give every consumer a chance to choose and listen to music freely, and help them to enjoy the most out of what they love. Mixcder will never be self-satisfied and stop its study in science and art, but keep pace with the times and continue its creative development of audio products.

Our Team

Mixcder is a team of energetic, passionate and aspiring experts including industrial designers, tuning engineers, electronics engineers, structural engineers, testing engineers, human engineers and other talented people in the industry. Our vision is to deliver the ultimate sound for everyone. We love food, and we enjoy life. We are offered afternoon tea every day; we are organized to play badminton every week; we hold parties from time to time. What we believe is to work hard and play hard. 

Service Spirit

We are customer-oriented seeking to obtain 100% customer satisfaction with its quality products and professional services.

We continuously improve and shape the audio world of tomorrow.

Join & Enjoy

Engage customers in interacting with us from the product design to customer service. To create the best customer's experience is our target of product development. We invite customers join us by designing and testing our products with our R&D team from the beginning stage. The products that are made by customers will always be a popular item for the global market. Together we can always make everything possible.

Global Market

Mixcder is a born-global brand,and products are sold to over 200 countries. In 2015, headphone sales soared after launching ShareMe 7.