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Here, you will find some general information related to certain category of Mixcder products. All the guides are summaries of problems our customers encountered previously. We hope these guide will complement our user manual so you know how to fix some of the most common problems associated with Mixcder products. If you have suggestions for our guide, please feel free to email us at


Bluetooth Self-help Guide

This guide provides a general overview of Mixcder Bluetooth products. It contains detailed instructions on how to pair with your device and some common problem and fixes as follows.
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Pairing & Connecting

Pairing Your Device with Your Mixcder

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iPhone | iPad | Samsung | Windows 8 | Windows 10 | Mac


Bluetooth adapters allow to stream audio wirelessly by turning your old stereo, wired headphones, TV, or other wired devices into Bluetooth-enabled receivers or transmitters.



You can use Bluetooth Transmitter to connect to the audio output of your non-Bluetooth devices such as TV, iPod, PC, then pair it with your Bluetooth stereo like headphones or speakers, then the audio would be transmitted to your stereo..



You can connect Bluetooth Receiver to the traditional devices like wired headphones or speakers, then pair it with your phone or tablet, so you will enjoy great music with Bluetooth wireless connection.


Learn how to use your Mixcder Bluetooth Adapters by clicking on the sections below:


Mixcder TR007

Mixcder TR008

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