ShareMe Pro-Bluetooth Headphones Review-Sharing Is A Lot Of Fun

ShareMe Pro-Bluetooth Headphones Review-Sharing Is A Lot Of Fun

July 15, 2017 by Mixcder

The Mixcder Shareme Pro is an upgraded version of the original ShareMe 7, which went on sale last year. The major selling point of the ShareMe series is the "ShareMe" Function, which allows users to share the same audio source simultaneously with two sets of ShareMe wireless sport headphones.

Retail package and accessories


The ShareMe Pro comes with a very simple retail package and only a few accessories. You will find a charging cable and an Aux cable inside the box. Since a dedicated wall charger is absent, users will have to use their smartphone chargers or their computers, or other devices with a USB output to charge these headphones.

Design and build

Compared to the original ShareMe 7, the Mixcder ShareMe Pro is a much more polished set of headphones. The material choice for the chassis feels superior to last year's ShareMe 7, and there are no ugly mold lines.

The adjustable left and right ear cups are connected by a stainless steel band with plastic rails in the middle. The ear cups are covered in artificial leather ear pads, which are very soft. The headband is also covered in the same material.


There are many buttons and ports on the ear cups of the ShareMe Pro stereo foldable headphones. On the left side you will find the power/pair button, volume rocker and 3.5mm audio jack. The right era cup plays host to the play/pause button, previous track/next track switch, and the Micro USB charging port, with a removable lid.

Like the ShareMe 7, the ShareMe Pro can be folded into a smaller package for easier carrying, but the mechanism is somewhat different (The photo above shows the difference). The difference is basically footprint versus thickness. For me, I prefer the ShareMe Pro's mechanism, which is the same as the Ausdom Anc 7 headphones. Unfortunately, the Mixcder ShareMe Pro does not come with a beautiful carrying case like the ANC 7 did.

When it comes to overall build quality, the ShareMe Pro is definitely a lot better than the ShareMe 7, and also superior to most of headphones in this price range.
Bluetooth connection and the ShareMe function

Designed mainly as wireless headphones, the ShareMe Pro can be connected to a source via Bluetooth. For the first time pairing, you only need to press and hold the power button for a few seconds until the LED besides it flashes in red and blue. Enabling Bluetooth on your source devices and you will find the "Mixcder ShareMe Pro", tapping or clicking on it and the connection will be instantly established.
If you have two sets of ShareMe Pro over ear headphones and want to share audios from the same source with them, the connection will take a few more steps, but it is still very easy: press and hold the power buttons until the two sets of headphones are both in pairing mode (LEDs on these two headphones both flash in red and blue), a few seconds later the LED on one of these headphones will light in static blue, but the other still flashes. Now you just need to pair your source with this set of headphones. When both sets of headphones' LEDs become static blue, you are able to share music with your partner.
Since I do not have two sets of ShareMe Pro, it is impossible for me to test how well the ShareMe function works on them. But from my experiences with my two sets of ShareMe 7 headphones, I am confident to expect that the sounds coming from the two sets of ShareMe Pro be perfectly in sync.
Also, Bluetooth connection is extremely solid between the source and the ShareMe Pro. I can leave my source in my bedroom and cook in the kitchen, which is a few walls and approximately 10 meters away from my bedroom, and still listening music with these headphones.
If the internal battery gives up, you can also connect the ShareMe Pro to your source with the Aux cable, which is included in the retail package.

Comfort and isolation

These headphones are extremely comfortable to wear, thanks to the soft ear cushions and the lightweight plastic material used for the chassis. I experienced very little discomfort after wearing them for 5 consecutive hours, watching 3 movies.
Although there is no active noise cancelling module on board, the ShareMe Pro still does an excellent job at isolating most of the sound from the surroundings. I have used them in a gym once, it could block out the noise from the treadmill, and people talking to their coaches.

Tested tracks:
Emeli Sande – Read All about It
Little Mix – Shout out to My Ex
Beyonce – Daddy Lessons
Usher – Scream
John Legend – All of Me
Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back
Demi Lovato – Cool for the Summer
Christina Aguilera – Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti
Shawn Mendez – Life of the Party
Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Need to Know
Nicki Minaj – Right by My Side
Drake – Controlla
Sources: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, LG G3, MS Surface Pro 3, Cube i7 Book, iriver U100
The ShareMe Pro has a sound profile that is generally more appealing to bass-heads than audiophiles, in some way it even sounds like my Monster Inspiration. The bass is big and fat, and very well controlled. The Sub-bass could also reach very deep. In fact, the bass dominates the entire spectrum of these headphones and easily overwhelms the mids and treble. I do feel like that it slightly lacks in details and texture when compared to the other bass-heads headphones such as the Monster Inspiration and Beats Studio, but if you take prices into consideration, it isn't really fair to compare a $50 headset to those priced many times higher.
The mids of the ShareMe Pro are a little bit recessed and muddy. Vocals generally sound veiled and a foot more distant than I would have preferred. When dealing with complex recordings, the sound could become very muddled.
The treble of these headphones is a shade darker than most of the high-end headphones I’ve listened to, and the treble extension isn't really there.
These headphones are definitely not designed for dedicated music enthusiasts, unless you only stick to bass-centric recordings, otherwise the lack of clarity, texture and details in the mids and highs is going to drive an audiophile crazy. Personally, I believe those headphones are better suited for some random listening, such as watching TV, movies and YouTube videos.
Battery Life
Mixcder claims that the ShareMe Pro could offer more than 20 hours of battery life, and they are not exaggerating. In my personal experiences, using the ShareMe Pro on a daily basis, I only need to charge it once a week. Putting the hours of using the headphones upon one full charge together, the battery life of the ShareMe Pro is indeed close to 20 hours.
Priced at $59.99 per set on Amazon, the ShareMe Pro is marketing towards people who actually need the ShareMe function. If you are only purchasing one set of wireless headphones for yourself, there are many other options I could recommend over the ShareMe Pro, including the cheaper Ausdom M05. But if you want to try the ShareMe function and need something that is all-around better than the ShareMe 7, the ShareMe Pro is definitely a solid choice, only that you need to spend $20 more on each set.

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