ShareMe 7-Good Quality Cost-effective Foldable Bluetooth Headsets Review

ShareMe 7-Good Quality Cost-effective Foldable Bluetooth Headsets Review

July 15, 2017 by Mixcder

Mixcder is a specialized brand in researching, designing and developing audio products for people who enjoy music. Their product line consists of: earphones, Sound box, and audio accessories. Mixcder is aspiring to use Bluetooth technology in every product they build and they’ve managed to do that. I have to say that the headset model that I've got, ShareMe, might be one of the best, low priced headsets in terms of listening to music. In terms of other earphones, they have 2 more products Mixcder ZeroSport and Mixcder Basso, which could be considered money well spent, if their sound works as good as it does in this headset.

Package Contents


I want to start by telling you what to expect when you buy the Mixcder ShareMe bluetooth headsets. I don't think I have to mention the fact that the headsets are inside the box, but you will notice that ShareMe is wireless and it comes with an USB cable and a Jack Audio cable for non-wireless usage. And you will get a leaflet in Chinese and English where you will find useful information about how to get accommodated with these Bluetooth connected headsets. And sadly for PC users who don't have a Bluetooth incorporated you will have to acquire a USB Bluetooth.



I have to say that it is one of the easiest things I had to set up in a while. Basically, all you have to do is to activate your Bluetooth, if you have one and press the On Button situated on the bottom of the left speaker, for about a second. At first you will see 2 colors, blue and red that will constantly blink. It means that the headsets are in pairing mode and they are searching for a Bluetooth to connect to. When the light remains on blue that means that the headsets are connected to a Bluetooth device. If the lights are blinking red, you should recharge them soon because you are low on battery. I have had some difficulties while using them on my PC, after I "installed" the headsets. I started listening to some music while trying to get in touch with someone via Skype and I noticed that the music has stopped. I couldn't use Winamp, YouTube or any other streaming music program, while making a conversation on Skype. I figured that you can't do 2 things at the same time, but for some people these headsets are working perfectly fine. I tried to change some settings but when I did that, the microphone or the sound stopped working. But when I used them with my phone everything worked fine. The battery lasts for about 20 hours while streaming music and 18 hours while talking, but in stand-by mode, it will last for more than 500 hours. An advantage is that the charging time required is only 2 or 3 hours.

Design and Utility


The design for ShareMe is quite simple and comfortable. I know some of you get that ear pain if you use a certain kind of headsets, but I think that with these ones you will have no problem at all. The Mixcder comes in 2 models: Red-Black and Blue-White. Either of them is quite fine because they both look really good and, of course, it's a matter of which color you like best. You have 3 buttons which are placed on the left ear cup: On/Off, Volume Up and Volume Down, easy as that. The built-in microphone works relatively ok, but if you go too far out of the Bluetooth range, the sound and the microphone will stutter and eventually stop working.Another interesting feature is the fact that you can pair 2 sets of ShareMe headsets between them and then connect them to a device and listen to the same thing in both of them.


As an affordable easy to use headsets, Mixcder ShareMe are one of the best if you want to listen to music. In my opinion their use comes while connecting them to a mobile device rather than using them every day on a PC. The fact that they are wireless comes in handy when you go out for a jog or a simple walk and their ShareMe feature allows you to listen simultaneously to your favorite song with your loved ones. You can buy them for $39 on Amazon or their official website.

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