Mixcder Announce The Availability Of Its First Active Noise Cancelling Headphone E7

Mixcder Announce The Availability Of Its First Active Noise Cancelling Headphone E7

December 22, 2017 by Mixcder

Mixcder, a modern audio brand selling high-performance and cost-effective audio products, releases its latest wireless active noise cancelling headphone: E7. Featuring ANC (active noise cancelling) tech and crafted with a easy-to-carry design, E7 appeals to travelers and commuters who are not willing to be disturbed by external noise. This portable noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones is now available on Amazon (UK, DE, ES, FR, IT).


 E7 Bluetooth headphone adopts ANC tech, which can not only isolate noise physically, but also block out noise by smart and active technology. After the headphone receiving incoming noise, a digital signal processor (DSP) would analyze the sound waves. Afterwards, DSP creates inverse waves to cancel out the ambient sound. If you are interested in noise isolation and noise cancellation, you can read this article Difference between Noise Cancellation and Noise Isolation. To activate ANC function, users can simply switch on the ANC button on left ear cups. The ANC tech makes E7 ideal for those who want to focus on music but not noise, and those who appreciate a quieter environment.


E7 is equipped with 40mm drivers and CSR Bluetooth, which ensure great sound quality, especially the powerful deep bass sound. It delivers clean and clear sound with great details. Users can enjoy every detail of songs and the wonderful sound in the quieter world offered by E7.


E7 is an over-ear headphone with big and comfortable ear cups. The ear cups have soft foam covered by super comfortable and soft pseudo leather. The extendable arm makes the headphone adjustable to fit most heads. Therefore, it offers awesome wearing experience even for all-day listening, which turns it into a great choice for commuters and travelers, especially for those have long-haul flight. Besides, it is easy to carry as it comes with a carrying case.


This active noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones can play music or enable calling for around 20 hours while on the go. When battery is low, users can use the included 3.5mm audio cable to connect the headphone to devices. Long battery life brings great convenience for long flights or trips. In addition to battery performance, E7 is convenient for its multifunction buttons and microphone, designed for wireless control of music and phone calls, in order to keep users stay hands-free.