MSH101-Quality Headphones For A Budget Price

MSH101-Quality Headphones For A Budget Price

July 18, 2017 by Mixcder

I have been in the market for a decent pair of headphones, which didn't have a huge price tag like brands such as beats and bose. What I noticed from many brands I purchased from that were on the cheaper end, was that they would often sacrifice the quality of the product to bring the cost of the product down drastically. As a result, this appealed to people who only see the price tag, but fail to realize that the price also reflects the quality of the product.

For this reason, I decided it was time to spend a little more money and invest in a more quality pair of headphones. After doing some searches, I came across this brand of headphones, which had a very slick and clean design that really stood out to me. Although this was a fairly new released product from the brand, based on the solid reviews from their previously sold products, I made a decision to give these bluetooth headphones a chance.

The price of these sport bluetooth headphones were a little bit more expensive that I would traditionally spend on a pair, but the quality of the product definitely made it worth the expense.

When I first opened the box, the best headphones looked exactly as shown in the image. They had a dark and sleek look to them, which definitely made them pop. The hinges seem very sturdy, giving me the impression that they can withstand a level of stress, that would otherwise greatly damage a cheaper pair of headphones.

The best part for me on these stereo wireless headphones is that they are over-ear, which makes it pleasant when wearing it for extended periods of time. The sound on this device is very crisp and the bass is not overpowering, making the listening experience more natural. The bluetooth was very simple to set up and the range seemed accurate to what was written on the package, 32 feet.

One concern I had with this product were the plastic buttons on the side, which have a cheap feel to them. It is understandable that they had to sacrifice some part of the product to maintain it's affordable pricing. Although this is the case, the most important part is that they did not settle on the comfort and sound of this product, making this issue very insignificant when looking at the product as a whole.

Based on my experience, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and if you in the market for some high quality budget foldable stero blutotooh headphones, look no further!

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