MS301- Displayed On The Front Page Of -The Reliable Recommendation From Experienced Audiophiles

MS301- Displayed On The Front Page Of -The Reliable Recommendation From Experienced Audiophiles

August 04, 2017 by Mixcder

What Head-Fi is

It is an internet forum created by CMoy for audio addicts to communicate. After its growing, Jude Mansilla notices the need to offer those audiophiles a larger place to exchange opinions. This is how came into existence.


There are a huge number of people who are addicted to Hi-Fi headphones in this community. They usually call themselves Head-fiers. In this forum these 'experts' can freely publish their views about any audio device and review a certain audio product. 


How popular Head-Fi is

According to Alexa (a professional website ranking tool), it ranks no. 3244 in USA and no. 8153 in the world.

MS301 on the front page

MS301 aptX Bluetooth headphones was displayed on the front page of Head-Fi because of experienced audiophiles' recommendations and high user rating. To read their reviews please visit:


There are numerous forums or communities online raising wide range of topics every day, or even every minute. Thus among forums regarding audio device, Head-Fi occupies an important place for ranking high among many various forums.



About MS301:


In order to protect environment, Mixcder chooses an Eco-friendly packaging just as it advocates. The combination of black and gold on the outside of packaging greatly shows a low-key luxury, which also reflects that MS301 is a Mixcder’s high-class product. Inside the packaging, in addition to MS301, you can find a micro USB charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable and a detailed manual. 



At the first sight, MS301 left a premium impression on me, just like its packaging. The outside of ear cups are made of solid aluminum, incorporated with comfortable and soft stimulated leather on the inside. The headband is made of pseudo leather as well, which looks soft and fits my skin. After a long-time wearing, I don’t have any uncomfortable experience at all. The hinges connected with ear cups are stainless metal. The headband adjustment is plastic backed with stainless metal. MS301 is elastic and suitable for different head shapes for its adjustable headband and rotatable ear cups.


Sound Quality

I have to say that the sound is quite clear, balanced and smooth. I enjoyed every details of songs that MS301 presented. The bass is powerful, and good mixed. Sub bass, mid bass and treble are all presented well. This wireless headset not only adopts AptX, but also an Aptx LL (low latency) technology. It ensures that the sound can be transmitted completely without any compression. Lossless transmission and low latency provides me a perfect user experience not only when I listen to music but also watch videos on my phone or Ipad. No disturbance occurred when I watch TV connecting MS301 to TV through Bluetooth.


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