HD601-Good Budget Wireless Headphone. Lots of Features.

HD601-Good Budget Wireless Headphone. Lots of Features.

July 26, 2017 by Mixcder

Pros - very comfortable, good sound for the price, packed with features, nice visual design, excellent Bluetooth performance, extra year of warranty through on-line registration.

Cons - Would have preferred a collapsible design for more compact storage, Extra Bass feature only adds a few decibels of mid bass, not much sub bass at all.

Overview: Mixcder HD601 wireless headphone with Bluetooth V.4.2, apt-X, NFC, and Extra Bass mode.

Specifications from the packaging:


This is a very nice looking stereo bluetooth headphone! Black with circular red accents on the back of the ear cups. Mixcder branding is in silver/grey on the ear cups in an unobtrusive font size. There is also Mixcder branding on top of the headband.There is plenty of cushion on the headband. This is a very comfortable headphone! Mixcder excels in designing headphones that are comfortable, and it's great to see they have continued that tradition with the HD601!

For storage, the cups rotate so the headphones lay flat. I would have preferred a collapsible design for storage. When rotating the cups there is quite a bit of friction between the plastic pieces on the headband and arms that stretch out of the cups. When rotating the cups there is a hollow cheap grinding sound, which I didn't quite like.

The cups themselves do swivel up & down, very slightly, to secure a better fit. Overall adjusting for fit is rather stiff, but once the HD601 is situated, it's a very comfortable headphone!

There is numbered sizing on the headphone adjustments with a satisfying click for each notch. The numbers don't correspond exactly with the notches, but it still gives a visual point of reference to remember your sizing.

The ear cushions are nicely padded, made of a very soft synthetic leather, and are very comfortable. They are over-ear headphones, but snugly so. Those with large ears may find them too snug. They were just right in size for me. I have average to slightly smaller than average sized ears.

Overall build seems pretty durable! No obvious weak points where I can see things potentially breaking easy. The plastics used seem cheap, but still seem reasonably durable.


I tested the HD601 with just an iPhone, both wired and wirelessly, as I believe these Bluetooth headphones will mostly be used in a similar fashion by the general public.

Highs are a bit rolled off. There is enough detail to hear what's going on in your music and media. Slightly veiled, but very pleasant. Good for long listening stretches.

Mids are good as well, and pretty much the focus of the sound of the HD601 aptX Low Latency Deep Bass when wired and when the Extra Bass feature is off when in Bluetooth mode. Voices and instruments in music come through with good clarity and separation. I do find the mids to be slightly veiled or "closed in" sounding, but in general that aspect of the sound is pleasant. Voices in video content come across reasonably well.

The presentation of the highs and mids are pretty much what is to be expected of a headphone in this price range and marketed more as a "lifestyle" product. I would say that these aspects of the sound out performs or is at least on par with the competition.

Bass is where I was a little disappointed. The HD601 sport wireless headphones is marketed as a bass forward headphone, and even has an Extra Bass feature that can be activated only in Bluetooth mode by pressing the power button twice. When that feature is off, or the HD601 is being used in wired mode, the overall sound presentation is mid forward, lacks bass, punch, and sub bass is almost non-existent.

When the Extra Bass feature is turned on, it does warm up the overall sound and provide more punch, but it does not add much or even any sub bass. If I were to guess, the Extra Bass feature adds just a few decibels (not much at all) in the mid bass range, maybe from 50-60+hz to somewhere in the low mids. Basically the bass boost is right in the kick drum range, so the HD601 will be knocking about, but not provide much satisfying sub "boom" and "feel."

Anyone listening to electronic or urban music, as an example, will have the kicks hit pretty hard in their music with the Extra Bass on, but any of that 808 sub bass, or basslines with really low sub frequencies, you won't hear/feel as much of that as you'd like. Anyone wanting these for action movies or games won't hear/feel much of that low rumble of explosions and similar impacts. There is some rumble going on, but it's just not that deep sub rumble you'd expect from an Extra Bass feature.

Soundstage is narrow, but there is good separation. I would still say the HD601 out performs most similar offerings in this price range by a slight margin in this particular category.

Sound leakage and isolation are pretty much par for the course. Some sound will leak, some sound will get in.

Despite some disappointments with the sound (would have liked more sub bass), overall the HD601 is a very pleasant headphone to listen to. There is nothing off-putting or obnoxious about the sound. As a casual budget headphone, the overall sound definitely fits the bill and then some. These should please most people looking for a wireless headphone packed with features, and who are looking in this particular price range.

Bluetooth: The Bluetooth performance and range of the HD601 is fantastic, and probably the strongest aspect/feature of the headphone, besides overall value & comfort! Pairing went very smooth, and automatic reconnecting afterwards is very fast!

While having the HD601 paired to a device I left in a bedroom in my home, I didn't experience any drop outs or crackle until I was out my front door! By comparison, most Bluetooth headphones with apt-X Low Latency I have tried crackle and have audio drop outs a few feet away from my front door while I'm still inside my house. Forget about even making it outside with those. Signal is usually completely lost by that point. Not with the HD601.

I tried watching some Netflix and YouTube while the HD601 was paired to my iPhone. No video/audio sync issues at all. Audio matched up with on-screen action pretty well!

I'm very pleased with the Bluetooth performance on this device.

Bluetooth control buttons all work fine and as expected. I just wish the buttons were raised a little more for a more tactile feel.

Call quality is decent. I could hear the other end fine. However, I had reports that my voice was a little low in volume. Still was able to have conversations with no real issue.

I don't own an NFC compatible device, so was unable to test that functionality.

Accessories: Pretty basic offering. Just a micro USB cable for charging and a basic 3.5mm headphone cable.

Warranty Bonus: Mixcder includes a welcome pamphlet with instructions on how to obtain an extra year of warranty by registering the device on their website or contacting them through e-mail.

Conclusion: Despite some criticism, the Mixcder HD601 is really a solid purchase! When considering the price, there really isn't much to complain about. I would personally be happy with the purchase if I was in the market for something like this!

The criticism is for the sake of being thorough, especially for Head-Fi, but place the criticism in proper perspective and consider the price and target market for the product.

The sound is good even if not all I hoped for, the extra features, and extra warranty is good to have. The design and overall looks of the headphone are visually pleasing. Mixcder makes some of the most comfortable headphones I've ever used and the HD601 is no exception!

Thanks to Mixcder for giving me a free sample to test and review!

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