Drip-Headphone Hands On Review-Improve Your Quality Life

Drip-Headphone Hands On Review-Improve Your Quality Life

July 15, 2017 by Mixcder

Today we have received a fashionable headphone, called Mixcder Drip. Honestly we do not often use and it was interesting how it's really convenient or inconvenient. I always used conventional liners, but it supports wireless OVEVO. It is more convenient without wires.

In addition to package, product box is also very strong.

Inside we see in a plastic cell "bent" in three steps of the headphone and two wires.

Folding headphones, it is quite convenient for carrying.

It looks stylish and beautiful, Let's see how to manifest itself in operation.

The headband is made of leather (I will call it that, because it has very pleasant touch feel with the material).

It is very suitable to wear, because it has a fairly wide range of adjustment.

Cups are also framed by the skin adjacent to the ears tightly and no discomfort from wearing.

Switching and Control

To control, it provides only two buttons – on and double swing volume. In principle, it is enough. Buttons are made with high quality. Pressing clearly. To charge it has microUSB port and a 3.5mm jack on either side of which we see a microphone hole. It is also available in an LED that glows red when charging.


This is the main mode in which the headphones are connected. It can be paired by Bluetooth more than 5 meters without wires. Maximum range of audio transmission without wires – more than 5 meters.

In general, the compound is sufficiently stable and high quality. For smartphone on Android, it connects fine. It can play MP3 and WMA files with bit rates up to 320 kbit / s and WAV, as well as – FLAC.

Easy wear

According to the acoustic performance of closed-end headphones, it is textured – folding. This cup rotated only on the horizontal axis and theoretically in full resignation will rub against each other covers – it's not good.

As for the convenience of wearing on his head, the headphones is quite comfortable.


The instructions are given typically charging time for 2 hours.  Naturally, the instruction is particularly notes the fact that the charge is lit in red.

when charging the headphone, it continues to work.

After testing, I can say that, it behaves interesting. The first two charging is given about three hours of music via Bluetooth. I am disappointed – but not formally time coincides with the description.

And then it suddenly began to play headphones 5 hours. In general, the duration depends on the volume, but I used to listen for comfortable volume, usually somewhat lower than the average.


Mixcder Drip sounds very good. I'm not an audiophile and probably why I can not identify the sound with the cons, but I really liked them. That's it – I highly recommend Mixcder Drip. Right now it sells at Amazon US store at $39.99. of course, you can check it from other Amazon store here.  Hurry up!

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