Wired Headphone VS. Wireless Headphone

Wired Headphone VS. Wireless Headphone

November 24, 2017 by Mixcder

When it comes to buying the right headphones, the variety found on the market can get a bit confusing at times. To help you, three differences between wired and wireless headphone would be presented in this article.

1. Difference in price

The prices vary depending on what brand you’re looking to buy, but wired and wireless headphones of the same brand will always have a difference in price. Although wireless headphones are more expensive, they offer you mobility and portability that wired headphones don’t offer. They allow you to work out without being tangled in your headphone wire or, even better, not have to untangle all the cables before using them.

Why wireless headphones are a tad more expensive than wired headphones. It is pretty fair: wireless headphones not only give you more freedom to move around, without being all tangled up, but some wireless headphones also allow you to manage the music directly from the headset. Therefore, you don’t have to pull your iPod or Mp3 player out in order to change the song, increase/decrease the volume or hit pause to talk to someone. This alone needs a lot of work from the creators of the wireless headphones, which justifies the price difference between wired headphones and wireless headphones.

2. Difference in quality of sound

Depending on what you use the headphones for, gaming or music, there will be some difference in the quality of sound provided. If you’re listening to music, wired headphones will provide a better quality of sound then wireless, as it is connected directly to the music player. Wireless headphones will provide a good quality of sound, but you might not hear the background beat as well as in the wired headphones.

If you’re planning on using the headphones for gaming purposes, you won’t notice much of a difference between each headset. Again, the quality of sound might be a tad sharper for wired headphones, but won’t be significant for gaming purposes.

3. Difference in use

As mentioned above, the difference between wired & wireless headphones is mainly in how you use both. With wired headphones, you’re tied to your iPod or Mp3 player literally if you want to listen to music. You need to care for the headphone cable to make sure it doesn’t rip and have to be careful to not move around too much when you’re listening to music, so you don’t hit swipe the cable out of your ears!

With wireless headphones, you have the freedom to move around as much as you want, as long as your iPod or Mp3 player is within distance for your headphones to read the music. So you can basically use the wireless headphones freely, without fear of tearing the cable out of the iPod or Mp3 player headphone socket, but you have to make sure your music player is within reach. Usually, you have a pretty decent distance to play with though.

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