Which Are Better, Ear buds Or Headphones?

Which Are Better, Ear buds Or Headphones?

January 17, 2018 by Mixcder

There is an increasing number of people using earphones when they are out of door in their daily lives. Music is a necessity for most of the individuals; they wear earphones at working place, at gym, and on the streets. The earphones are divided into ear buds and headphones. Customers might definitely be confused by the difference between them; they usually take time to decide what to buy. Actually, there are a number of factors to consider, including frequency response, noise isolation, noise cancellation and comfort/fit. This article would clearly show these differences, and then you would pick out the one that is more suitable for you.

Ear buds: These are also referred to as “buds”, “in-ears”, “canalphones”, “in-ear moniters”, “IEM’s” and “in-ear headphones”. You can see an example of what I’m calling “earphones” below.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Mixcder R9



The term--headphone, is the original term of headset and earphone. In its simplest definition, it is referred to two speakers attached to a headband, which allows the speakers to be positioned close to users' ears.

Let’s move on to the bass track.

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1. Frequency response curve: 

A.    Ear buds: In general, earphones tend to have a worse frequency response.

B.    Headphones: In general, headphones tend to have better frequency response.

C.    Winner: Headphones are probably the better choice if you’re really worried about distortion. You should read the specifications of the device you’re interested in, however, since there’s a large amount of variability.

2. Frequency response:

A.    Ear buds: Earphones tend to have a smaller pitch range than headphones. Of course, there are always exceptions.

B.    Headphones: Headphones tend to have a better frequency range than earphones.

C.    Winner: In general, headphones have a better frequency range. That said, it’s not really that big of a deal. You can’t really hear very high or very low sounds that well because of the way your hearing system works regardless of how well your ‘phones are delivering the signal. Anything that plays sounds between 20Htz and 20,000Htz should do you just fine.

3.Noise isolation:

A.    Ear buds:  A properly fitted pair of in-ear earphones will give you the best noise isolation. It makes sense; if you’re wearing them properly they should actually form a complete seal with your ear canal. No sound in, no sound out, excellent isolation.

B.    Headphones: Even really good over-ear headphones won’t form a complete seal around your ear. As a result, you’re going to get some noise leakage.

C.    Winner: You’ll get the best noise isolation from well-fitting earbuds that sit in the ear canal.



A.    Earbuds: There is quite a bit of variation in the shape of the cavum conchæ, which is the little bowl shape just outside your ear canal. Earphone manufacturers have to have somewhere to put their magnets and drivers and driver support equipment and it usually ends up in the “head” of the earphone, nestled right in your concha cavum. Which is awesome if it’s a shape that fits your ear. If it’s not, though, it can quickly start to become irritating and eventually downright painful. Personally, this is the main reason I prefer over-ear headphones.

B.    Headphones: A nicely fitted pair of over-ear headphones that covers your whole ear is just incredibly comfortable. Plus, they keep your ears warm! I find on-ear headphones less comfortable in general, but a nice cushy pair can still feel awesome. There are other factors to take into account, though; wearing headphones and glasses with a thick frame can get really uncomfortable really fast.

C.    Winner: Personally, I like wearing ear buds because they are lighter, and it is portable for me. I choose earphones for this section.

As a result, I think which is the better one would be based on the personal preference. For example, if you treat the headphones’ comfort as the primary factor, you might choose ear buds. However, if you focus on the frequency response or frequency response curve more. The headphones are more perfect for you.


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Which Are better, Earphones or Headphones?