What Benefits You Can Get From Listening To Music

What Benefits You Can Get From Listening To Music

September 20, 2017 by Mixcder

Do you love music? It seems that music has healing powers no matter when we are stressful, painful or sad. But why? Have you ever wondered why? Do you know what benefits you can get from listening to your favorite songs? Let’s sort it out today.


Music helps reduce pain

What would pop into your mind when you think of ways to relieve pain? Painkillers or other medicines may be the most common answer. But now you can consider listening to music to reduce pain. This approach was proved effective by some studies. It has been known that music therapy contributes to pain reduction for patients who had a spinal surgery. Besides, a study published in 2015 pointed out that there was a relationship between music and post-surgery pain relief.


Music makes body recover from workouts faster

To fight against post-workout pain, some people would take some actions. For example, use a foam roller to relieve the pain, eat high antioxidant food, or have one or two days off to recover the body. Nevertheless it was proved by science that listening to music was more effective than other means on helping body recover from exercises. There was a study comparing a group of sprinters who exercised with music to the other group who ran without it. The result showed that those ran with music had less muscle fatigue compared with those who worked out without music.


Music helps with stress & anxiety relief

How do you feel every time you put your headphone on, jamming to your favorite songs? Researchers found that a specific song could reduce anxiety by up to 65 percent. The song from Marconi Union--Weightless is suggested as a stress-relieving song.


Music improves your sleep quality

It is not a coincidence that you sleep better and fall asleep faster when you listen to music. According to a research, music can improve sleep quality not only for those who suffer from insomnia, but also for students who are disturbed by sleep problems. As sleep.org mentioned, sleep quality would be improved if people fall asleep with music because it lowers heart rate and slows breathing.


Music improves your memory

Eating certain foods, such as olive oil, can boost memory. Listening to music is another effective way to help you struggle against forgetfulness. In addition, music also improves verbal intelligence.


Music helps with depression relief

Mental health problem is a complicated illness. It is never easy to heal it. However, a great amount of evidence shows that music is helpful to relieve depression. A published study indicated that a group of children who received music therapy seemed more self-esteem and less depressed compared with those received conventional therapy.


Music and headphone

Living in this world, more or less, we are facing or would face some problems, anxiety and depression etc. Music is what we can’t live without; music is what we get motivated from; music is what we can utilize to conquer difficulties. We get benefits from music mentally and physically.


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