What Benefits Can You Get From Noise Cancelling Headphones?

What Benefits Can You Get From Noise Cancelling Headphones?

January 19, 2018 by Mixcder

Is noise irritating and annoying? Many people are suffering for exterior noises. Luckily, active noise cancelling headphones were invented and entered the market. They could reduce most of the disturbances for those who hate and are tired of noises. In a world which is suffering from growing amounts of noise pollution, noise cancelling headphones are a great invention protecting people from disturbing noise. Hence their use is becoming more common. People use it when they travel on an airplane, work intensively, or study in a library etc. 


Noise cancelling headphones utilize microphones to detecting ambient noise around the wearer. Afterwards they generate an inverse sound wave by fancy tech processing to cancel out the exterior noise on its way to user’s ears. They are not only helping people to concentrate better, but also could improve health and life quality.


Active noise cancelling headphones reduce hearing loss

In modern society, high intensity sound results in an increasingly common problem, which is hearing loss induced by noise. There are two most significant high intensity sounds leading to the problem: workplace related sound and excessively loud music.


Music which is played at above 130 decibels can cause hearing loss to occur under four minutes. One of the primary reasons that people play music excessively loud on their headphones is because they can’t hear it properly over the ambient sounds around them. However, it is possible to hear music properly by using active noise headphones without turning up music to a level which is harmful to hearing.


Active noise cancelling headphones can reduce stress

When people are constantly exposed to high level noise, as most city dwellers are, it can actually increase their stress level. According to Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, it showed that children who lived in neighborhoods with constant background noise, had a higher amount of cortisol which is the body’s stress hormone, compared to children in neighborhoods which were quieter. The effect of this constant stress can actually be quite serious. Another 2006 study showed that people with constant low level noise exposure were more likely to suffer heart attacks. 


By wearing noise cancelling headphones, users could stay in a stress reducing environment whenever they are and whatever they do.


Active noise cancelling headphones makes it easier to concentrate

Exterior noise could make it very difficult to concentrate weather you are working in office, studying somewhere or reading books on bus or train. Nevertheless noise cancelling headphones can eliminate these noises by creating opposite sound waves. Therefore people can improve productivity by focusing on what they are doing.


Active noise cancelling headphones improve sleep quality

Ambient noise is one leading factor causing sleep problems. This noise might come from a snoring partner or a noisy neighborhood but the results are the same – another sleep deprived night. Removing the noise with noise cancelling headphones can allow you to enjoy quality sleep even in a relatively noisy environment. One of the most popular uses of these headphones as a sleep device is for plane travel.


If you are bothered by external noises, why not try active noise cancelling headphones? They could improve your health as well as your life quality. Some people may hesitate because of price and its effect. As the noise cancelling tech developed, there are some great cost-effective headphones available on the market. For example, Mixcder’s active noise cancelling headphone E7:  Don’t wait anymore. You deserve better health and a happier life.



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