Tips To Keep Running Strong During Holidays

Tips To Keep Running Strong During Holidays

December 15, 2017 by Mixcder

Running could be challenging during holidays, especially from Thanksgiving to New Year, as it is colder and darker. Also, holidays are challenging for tons of reasons. For instance, they not only disrupt your regular schedule, but also could bring with rich foods, excess alcohol, and late nights. Some research even shows that the average person gains five pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. The holidays often mean more stress, too, so we actually need our running outlet more than ever this time of year. How to stay motivated and keep running through holidays? Here are some tips.

1. Schedule your runs in advance

Look at your schedule, see what works, and write your runs in your planner. Having them written down makes it much more likely to happen. 

2. Emphasize on maintaining current fitness level

Rather than trying to improve your fitness during a busy or stressful time of the year, just make it a goal to keep your baseline of fitness. Running three days a week for 20 to 30 minutes will maintain your current fitness level and help relieve stress until you are able to resume a heavier training load. 

3. Adjust the training to fit your body and schedule

Give your body some time to recover when you are exhausted and sore from the previous days’ workout. For example, you can have a rest, shorten the length or duration of a run, alter the intensity, or change the frequency of your runs depending on your body. Not every run can or should be a fast one. When you are tired, you can slow down your pace. When there is no time for a long run, speed up the pace for a short run. Or change up frequency when necessary, like run three to four times a week rather than five or six times a week.

4. Go with the flow

Runners tend to love routine, but this can sometimes be a stumbling block to training during hectic times of the year. Try running at different times of the day and in different places to help running better fit into your day.

5. Participate in races

There are many races of all distances during the period from Thanksgiving to New Year. Choose the races that could excite you and inspire you. When traveling for work or the holidays, a race is a great way to get a run in, see the area, and participate in holiday festivities.

6. Join running groups

Make running become social. You could find new running companions in running groups, which could push you to keep running for encouraging others or being encouraged by others. Or meet up with your running friends for a run before heading to happy hour. And during the holidays, you could plan a run through neighborhoods with festive lights and decorations so you know there is something to see along the way.

7. Team up

If you’re looking to add structure, join a training programa running club, or try an online program to help provide you with structure and a plan to follow.

8. Use running gear

It is pretty important to make sure that the gear you are using supports, enhances and motivates your run. For example, you may need different clothing for different running conditions and a good pair of headphones suitable for workout.


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