How to take care of your ear buds in right ways?

How to take care of your ear buds in right ways?

February 07, 2018 by Mixcder

In modern society, there is an increasing number of people like to wear headphones in their daily lives. Earbuds might be more popular than normal headset, they are small speakers designed to be placed directly inside of the ear. They have more advantage other than the portability. First, they are smaller and more discreet than traditional headphones, allowing their use to go undetected in more formal settings. Second, they deliver sound directly to the ear so the volume can be lower which may decrease hearing loss caused by exposure to high volume. Unfortunately, because of their compact size, they are made of more delicate materials than larger headphones and are more prone to damage and deterioration. The best way to maximize the lifespan of your earbuds is to perform regular maintenance and provide proper care for the devices starting the day you purchase them.


Care and Maintenance of Earbuds


If earbuds are handled roughly or if they are not maintained properly, the sound quality emitted from them will deteriorate over time, or they will break down completely. There are several dos and don’ts to follow when trying to preserve a set of earbuds for the long term. Putting these basic tips into action can significantly improve the life of every pair of earbuds you own.


Do Clean Your Earbuds


More expensive sets of earbuds come with cleaning equipment, but that does not mean that inexpensive sets will not benefit from regular cleaning. To clean your earbuds, begin by moving any rubber or foam comfort pieces, and soaking them in alcohol. Wipe the surface beneath them with a lint-free rag, and then swab with a cloth or cotton swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Finally, use a cotton swap or a toothpick dipped in hydrogen peroxide to remove all the wax, dead skin cells, and other dust from the inner areas of the earbuds.


Do Keep Your Earbuds in a Case


Buy a case designed for keeping your earbuds in. It should have a place to secure each earpiece, and an area for the cord. This will prevent your cord from tangling, which can damage the delicate metal cord inside, and it will also protect the speakers from damage that can be caused by impact, like being dropped or smashed. When the metal mesh over the speaker is bent, it not only risks damaging the speaker elements it covers, but distorts the sound produced. Make a habit of putting the earbuds back in their case after every use.


Do Roll the Cord


Keep the cord rolled up when not in use. Use a bread tie to tie the loops together. This will keep the cord from being bent at an angle that could cause damage, and also prevents tangling. Some cases have a coiler that does this for you. If yours does not, take the time to coil the cords by hand.

Do Clean Your Ears


Earwax that builds up inside your ear can not only get packed into the speaker opening on your earbuds and diminish the sound quality, but can also become impacted in your ear and increase your risk of ear infection. Clean your ears regularly to prevent damage to either your ear or your earbuds.

Do Unplug the Speakers from Your MP3 Player or other Audio Devices

Earphones that remain attached to the MP3 player when it is stuck in your bag or your pocket are significantly more likely to get damaged. The cord can be pulled suddenly from the jack, and the connector damaged, or the cord can get tangled up and the copper cord inside broken. Simply unplugging the earphones from the device will protect the audio connector, and the delicate area where the cord connects to the jack.