How To Prevent In-ear Headphones From Falling Out?

How To Prevent In-ear Headphones From Falling Out?

February 09, 2018 by Mixcder

Some people prefer in-ear headphones for the rich and perfectly clear sound, light and portable design, and the ability to cancel out external noise. However, some of these people also complain that these headphones come out of their ears while they are engaging in activities like running.


In-ear headphones are designed to be worn fully inserted in ears. That is to say, a tight seal between all of the walls of ear canal and headphones could be formed by squishy tips. If headphones are not properly sealed, they may fall out of ears, and external noise would creep in. A good seal can stop in-ear headphone falling out.


How to get a proper seal? Firstly, you can place the tips in ears and push them in just a little bit. Secondly, use both hands to seal them up. Thirdly, for left ear, reach up with right hand and grab left earlobe. Pull the lobe downwards a little to widen ear canal. Or you could pull the top of the left ear up with your fingers to open up ear’s opening. Fourthly, use left index finger to gently push the tip further into ear. Please note that you cannot shove it all the way in, but far enough to where you feel the seal. Finally, you can let go of your earlobe or stop pulling the ear up. And you can do the same for your right ear.


If the tip is not the right size, you can replace it with a larger or smaller one. You can try starting with the medium size tip. Normally manufactures would provide different sizes of eartips. If replacement tips are not included, you could also buy them online or from manufactures.