How To Keep Your Battery Wireless Headphones From Dying

How To Keep Your Battery Wireless Headphones From Dying

February 28, 2018 by Mixcder

In modern society, wireless headphones have become popular because they are more portable and more lightweight than wired headphones. There is an increasing number of people like to take them out of doors in their daily lives. However, you need to charge them when they are running out of battery. Otherwise, wireless headphones are useless if you forget to bring the charger, and it is frustrating sometimes.

Do not worry; there are 3 tips as below, keeping the battery from dying that you could refer to.

Tip #1:  Always charge your phone AND charge your headphones at the same time.

Phones have been around for a long time.  Perhaps you’ve been using a phone your entire adult life, not to mention a big chunk of your teenage years.  So you’ve set up processes for charging up without even thinking about it.

 Sounds simple, but it’s time to bring your wireless headphones into that same ritual.  So, if you charge your phone while you’re working or right before you go to bed, do the exact same thing for your wireless earbuds or headphones.

Tip #2: Keep a spare pair of wired earbuds around.

It sucks that you have to do this.  But you’ll thank me later.  Because there are lots of situations you haven’t thought of here.  For example, you can’t use wireless headphones in a plane during take-off or landing.  Some airlines won’t even let you use them at all, at any point during the flight.

So just carry a small pair of wired earbuds around for emergencies.  For example, your wired white Apple earbuds are perfect.  That way, you can ride out the dead times, plane rides, or other non-juiced moments.

Tip #3: Carry a portable wireless charger.

It’s surprisingly useful for wireless earbuds, which can drain quicker than a phone.

Of course, portable chargers have been around for a while. These are pretty cool because they’re specifically made for Beats wireless earbuds.  But, the concept is pretty much the same for headphones, other earbuds, etc.

In conclusion, these are easy tips to extend the battery life of wireless headphone in special situation. However, you’d better charge the headphones fully at home, which only takes 3 hours, and then you could enjoy 8-20 hours music.

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