How To Fix Bluetooth Audio Cutting Out?

How To Fix Bluetooth Audio Cutting Out?

February 02, 2018 by Mixcder

Bluetooth Technology is a great invention, which gets people out of tangled mess. However, it is also irritating when there is something wrong with the Bluetooth connection. I guess nobody would be happy when they are going to enjoy some wonderful songs pairing their wireless headphones/speakers with computer or smart phone, and find out that the audio playbacks starts to stutter. This article would analyze causes and give advice for your reference.


Reason analysis

There might be a wide array of issues causing Bluetooth stuttering. Normally, disconnection and signal interruption between two wireless points are two main causes. Specifically, problems could result from changes in computer or mobile device’s operating systems, updates to computer software or mobile apps, firmware changes on mobile or other devices, and also bugs in car-stereo system. How to fix these problems?


Test your audio device

It is necessary to check if your wireless headphone or speaker is broken before applying other approaches. To test, you could use another wireless headphone to connect with the device which you also paired with when you met the problem. Besides, you could pair your Bluetooth headphone/speaker with other mobile devices.


If you fail to pair the wireless headphone/speaker with your devices, you could clear all connection history from the device. Afterwards, you could try to pair again. Please note that you should follow the steps instructed on manual to pair them.


Problems occur when paired with computer

Signal interference could lead to playback cutting out whether you use a PC or a Mac. There are various devices that could cause interference, for example, cordless phones (operating at 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz), baby monitors, and microwave ovens etc. since they are operating in same frequency range.


To solve the problem, you could change the channels on your wireless network by following the steps mentioned in this article. In addition, you could minimize the number of active wireless devices that you have connected to your computer.


According to some Mac users, turning off “handoff” feature may also increase audio stuttering. If you have same problem, please turn off the feature by heading to the Apple menu, then to “System Preferences”, and click “General”, then deselect “Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices”.


In addition to these two key factors, there might be many other issues. Here is another link for your reference.


Shuttering between mobile devices and cars

It might be a frequent problem when you pair your mobile devices with your car. To fix it, you should find out the problem with specific phone and car. Before you are going to do the research, you could try a common fix by executing “clear cache” in the setting on your phone. Cache files, caused by subtle changes to mobile devices’ OS, could prevent a successful Bluetooth connection.


If you have to look for solutions for particular phone connecting with particular car, online forums for the phone’s brand or carrier is a great place to find out methods.


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