Gifts Night Owls Will Love

Gifts Night Owls Will Love

March 09, 2018 by Mixcder

There are some people who can’t fall asleep no matter how hard they try. Insomnia is always troubling, which might drive victims crazy. Perhaps someone you know is suffering from sleeping issue. These gifts are perfect for your favorite night owls, which probably can make them happy indulging in their late-night activities or sleeping sweetly at a decent hour.

1. Slip silk sleep mask

A light and silky sleep mask would not put any pressure on eyes, but allow the skin breathe all night. This mask would help your bestie block out sleep-disturbing light, and provide them a better sleeping environment.

Get it from SEPHORA for $45.

2. This Works deep sleep pillow spray

Aromatherapy might be a useful way to help night owls to finally get some shut-eye. A signature blend of lavender, vetiver and chamonile helps to reduce anxiety and improve the overall quality of their steep.

Get it from ANTHEOPOLOGLE for $29

3. Blockout curtains

Blockout curtains can simply block out disturbing light from outside. This might be an easy solution to make night owls easier to sleep.

Get it from Amazon for $13.63

4. Mixcder wireless noise cancelling headphones E7

These headphones can pair with any Bluetooth device. E7 can satisfy night owls in two ways: block out annoying noise avoiding being disturbed; entertain them enabling them to play games, listen to music or watch TV without waking other people up.

Get it from Amazon for $59.99

5. Adjustable lap desk

Some night owls just want to lounge in bed but still stay connected. It would not be boring and worrying anymore if they can comfortably work or play on their laptop.

Get it from Amazon for $20-$45

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