Difference Between Noise Cancellation And Noise Isolation Headphones

Difference Between Noise Cancellation And Noise Isolation Headphones

August 26, 2017 by Mixcder

You have been probably heard of the buzzwords in headphones--noise cancellation and noise isolation. Although these two words sound similar, they are interchangeable. Let's find out difference between them.


What is Noise Isolation?

Noise isolation, to some extent, is simpler than noise cancellation. Noise isolation usually embodies in two kinds: over-ear headphones and in-ear headphones (also known as earbuds). These two types of headphone could isolate your ear or ear canal from ambient noise without any electricity. That is to say, the noise is blocked out physically.


The high-density foam of over-ear headphone helps to isolate whole ear from the sound coming from all sides. Mixcder MS301 and HD601 do well in blocking out ambient noise for their good quality earmuffs and well-padded ear cups.


                             Mixcder MS301                                                             Mixcder HD601


As for in-ear earphones, the ambient noise is reduced because ear canals are sealed when earbuds are plugged into ears. How much sound they can reduce depends on how good the seal you could get. Everyone has different ear size. Hence it is important to choose a good earphone to fit your ears if you want to escape from noises. Mixcder X5 could largely fit almost everyone's ears as three different sizes of eartips are included.

Mixcder X5


What is Noise Cancellation?

Although noise-cancelling headphones could also isolate noise physically, they work focusing on smart and active technology. Noise-cancelling headphones receive incoming sound through microphones. Afterwards those sound waves are analyzed by a digital signal processor (DSP), which creates inverse waves getting fed back into headphones. The speakers of headphones play these inverse waves aiming to cancel out the ambient sound.


Noise cancellation works perfect with low droning sounds, such as car engines, airplane engines and air conditioners etc. Nevertheless, most noise-cancelling headphones may neglect mid-range noise, like voices.


Generally speaking, Noise cancellation has a better effect on reducing noise than noise isolation since noise-cancelling headphones not only work physically but also electrically. That also explains why noise-cancelling headphones are more expensive.


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