Difference Between Headset, Headphone And Earphone

Difference Between Headset, Headphone And Earphone

August 18, 2017 by Mixcder

Are you familiar with these three words: headset, headphone and earphone? Are you confused for the similarity in forms and function? There are some explanations (below) to help you distinguish them and choose the right one.


The Headset

Normally a headset is considered as a headphone that it is equipped with a microphone. The microphone could be attached to the headset, or it could be incorporated in an inline audio cable which is included with the headset.


The key function of the headset is to allow users to communicate. That is to say, the headset user can listen to an amazing song, as well as talk to a friend. Thus a headset would be ideal for those who intend to interact with friends. For example, communicate online via Skype, talk by phone or play computer games with a voice chat and so on. By using the headset, you could immerse yourself in the social or gaming world.


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The headphone

The term--headphone, is the original term of headset and earphone. In its simplest definition, it is referred to two speakers attached to a headband, which allows the speakers to be positioned close to users' ears.


It delivers an immersive sound and personal listening experience for its users as the sound would directly goes into users' ears. There are several types of headphones based on different features. For instance, closed-back VS open-back (If you are interested in closed-back and open-back headphone, please read the article Do You Know the Difference between Open-Back and Closed-Back headphones), wired VS wireless and on-ear VS over-ear etc.


Wired Headphone VS Wireless Headphone


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On-ear Headphone VS Over-ear Headphone


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The earphone

Earphone, also known as earbud, is sort of a successor of the headphone. Speaker of the earphone, in fact, is an in-ear design, inserted into the ear canal. It discards the big ear cups, in which the speakers are nestled. This design offers a closer connection between ears and sound.


Earphone is smaller and lighter, making it perfect and suitable for those who want to wear it while doing exercise or on their commuting. There are two types--wired and wireless earphones. The difference between them is the wireless one can get you out the mess of wires.


Wired Earphone VS Wireless Earphone



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Difference between Headphone and Headset