Creative Valentine's Day Gift Under $50

Creative Valentine's Day Gift Under $50

January 26, 2018 by Mixcder

February 14 rolls around. If you aim to be a pro husband/wife (boyfriend/girlfriend), not only a basic husband/wife (boyfriend/girlfriend), you should invent your Valentine’s Day 2018, rather than know it is Valentine’s Day 2018.


It might be a problem for most of people that some products are over-priced in this special festival. In order to save your money, and also make this day memorable, we have some creative and unique ideas for you.


1. A memory scrapbook

It could move your loved one if you make a beautiful memory scrapbook for her/him, from recycled materials and filled with the highlights of your relationship. You can follow steps instructed in the link to make your own one.

2. Monogram mugs

Monogram mugs are perfect for many occasions. Sending these mugs is also a fabulously creative Valentine idea as your other half would think of you every time his/her heart beats faster over a cup of morning espresso. Design and make your own one since every step is clearly listed in the link:


3. Etch-a-sketch iPad cozy

This is one of the most useful and meaningful Valentine Day gifts ever. Make an etch-a-sketch with a love message on top not only could used on iPad, but also express your love. The link has detailed instructions.


4. ANKER potable power bank

ANKER PowerCore II could keep an Iphone 7 running for a week brimming with 20000mAh of pure power. Thus not matter your love partner goes, you could get in touch with him/her only if he/she carries it with him/her.

To buy HERE: $49.99


5. Mixcder Shareme headphones

Two Mixcder Shareme headphones can pair with each other. Thus you and your loved one could listen to the same content from one device. Isn’t it sweet to share your favorite song with your lover? Isn’t it full of love to listen to your love song together? Isn’t it a creative Valentine Day gift?

To buy ShareMe 5 HERE: $49.99


To buy ShareMe 7 HERE: $39.99



To buy ShareMe Pro HERE: $39.99


Reference: 11 Creative Valentine Ideas for Your Man