Buying Guide For Bluetooth Headphones

Buying Guide For Bluetooth Headphones

July 15, 2017 by Mixcder

Some features that a premium Bluetooth headphone should have:

•  Excellent sound quality.

Sound quality is the basic and the most important element that you should take into account before you make a purchase decision. The best Bluetooth headphone transmits sound that approaches that of high-class wired one. Thanks to science and technologies, wireless headphones sounds clear, smooth and enjoyable, just as wired models, but is more convenient.


  Longer listening distance 

Obviously, the range of your movement is limited by using a wired headphone. Bluetooth headphone can tackle this problem. However, obstacles, such as wall or closed door, could hamper Bluetooth transmission resulting in shorter deliver distances than it states. This is a common phenomenon that even “big” brands may not avoid. Hence you could choose those that run a longer distance.


  Long battery life

Nowadays loads of Bluetooth headphones are designed to work more than 8 hours before a recharge.


  A portable choice and clear call

For a user-friendly purpose, some wireless headphones are fordable, which makes it easier to carry. To gain favor, it is available to make and receive phone calls by Bluetooth headsets. You are not disturbed by phone calls when you immerse yourself in the world of music.


  Easy to use

Bluetooth headphones are easy to pair, control and use aiming at improving customer’s satisfaction.


  Comfortable fit

It is necessary for any headphone to fit your ear snugly. Regarding the wearing experience, you should pay attention to the design, cushion materials and the light weight etc. A good headphone could bring you the comfortable experience even for all-day listening.



No one can promise that a consumer electronic wouldn’t die. If someone did, keep your expectations reasonable with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, you can have companies’ promise of warranty. That way, if your headset stops working, you are warranted to get it fixed.


Know your need before your purchase


  How are you going to use it?

Every headphone owns its strengths and weakness. You need to balance them according your specific needs. Compared with wired headphones, wireless ones is more convenient and flexible, meeting the need of on-the-go listening. There are various headphones designed for different purposes. For instance, you can choose wireless sports headphones if you want to wear it at the gym. For isolating yourself from outside world, you could choose a closed back headset. A open back set could bring you a “larger” sound but leaking the sound out.


  Shut out other noises or not?

If you want to listen to music in a noisy place such as crowded train station, you can choose those headphones that are able to shut out the outside would. Normally a closed back, over-the-ear headset would somehow reduce most noises, that is what we called passive/physical noise-canceling headphone. But if you want to mute the world completely, noise-canceling wireless headphone is your best choice.


  What are your preferences for fit?

It is a subjective matter when you define a comfortable headphone. You can choose the headphone based on your ear size and head shape. To some extent, adjustable headphones more or less fit different head shapes. Some people prefer on-ear headphone which is more suitable for those have a smaller ear, while others may like over-the-ear ones whose ear cups are bigger.


  What is aptX?

AptX is an audio compression technology, which preserves sound data through the audio transmission, resulting in a “better-than-CD” listening experience.


What I recommend 


Mixcder MS301 is a premium wireless headphone that you would be unexpectedly surprised by. At the first sight, MS301 left a high-class impression on me. The outside of ear cups are made of solid aluminum, incorporated with comfortable and soft stimulated leather on the inside. The headband is made of pseudo leather as well, which looks soft and fits my skin. After a long-time wearing, I dont have any uncomfortable experience at all. MS301 is easy to carry as it is fordable. I usually carry it with me when I go traveling or working. It gradually becomes one necessary part in my life. It seems like I cant go anywhere without it. And thanks for its long working time (up to 20 hours) and short charging time (around 2 hours), I can use it whenever I want.


As for the sound quality, MS301 adopts AptX LL (low latency) technology. Without a doubt, the sound that it transmits is quite clear, balanced and smooth. You can enjoy every detail of songs that MS301 presented. Also, you wont be upset or annoyed when you watch TV through it for its low latency. It also enables the signal to be transmitted more than 32 ft. After knowing its features mentioned above, I am not surprised that it is able to make and receive phone call. And it is easy to control even children could manage it.


Mixcder offers one-year warranty for their products and six-month for accessories. Everyone could have an extra year warranty if he/she extends the warranty on our official website.


Compared with other headphones in same quality or function, MS301 is in much lower price. You would be regretful if you give it up. Why not shop wisely and get a cost-effective one?

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