Bluetooth Battery Level Indicators Are Now Available On Android

Bluetooth Battery Level Indicators Are Now Available On Android

December 08, 2017 by Mixcder

One of the imperfections of some Android phone is lacking the ability to show how much battery left in the phone while iPhone does. Luckily, BatON is an app that can tackle the gap in functionality. In this article, it would show how to install and use the app. Please note that you should not only have the Bluetooth device (like wireless Bluetooth headphones) supporting battery life reporting, but also should have a phone with Android 4.3 or higher.


Step one: install BatON

To install BatOn developed by limitium, you can search it on Google Play Store. Or you can simply click the link below from your Android phone:


Step two: adjust settings

Open the app, and grant it location permission. Location permission is required because Bluetooth API is part of the Location API, which allows the app to scan the Bluetooth devices. Afterwards, dig into the settings. In this page, we can adjust notifications and audio measure frequency. Firstly, let’s head to “Notification” section. I strongly suggest you to toggle on the “Close notification on disconnect” setting.



Secondly, let’s check out “Auto measure” page. It indicates the frequency that BatON would update the connected accessories’ battery levels. By default, it is set to 3 hours. You can switch to your favorite one. Although a higher frequency updates battery life more timely, it would also slight drain the battery life of both phone and device. 


Step three: check battery life of connected Bluetooth devices

After adjusting settings to your liking, to see the battery life of a paired supported Bluetooth device, you can open the app and check battery level. Or you can see the battery life from any screen through checking notification shade as well (up to your settings).


Reference: How to See Battery Life for Paired Bluetooth Accessories on Android