AirMode Transforms Wired Headphones Into Wireless

AirMode Transforms Wired Headphones Into Wireless

March 23, 2018 by Mixcder

In recent years, wireless headphones have become more popular because of the portability and evolution of the Iphone. More precisely, since iPhone 7 abandoned the 3.5mm jack, so a lot of Iphone users worried about the issue that they’d have to throw away their beloved wired headphones and find an option for a lightning jack based headphone or a wireless model. While choosing another headphone model is acceptable, there are a few solutions with one of the coolest being AirMode, a cable that makes your headphones wireless.

AirMode can be purchased in three different forms: MMCX cable, a 2.5mm cable or 3.5mm cable to suit your headphones or in-ear monitors. The cable is actually compatible with major brands both commercial and pro.Regardless of the type of connection, each cable is composed of double-layered fabric for durability and features an in-line mic and controller. This remote is used to switch back and forth between tracks and take calls. The multifunction button is programmed to call on your phone’s personal assistant (Siri, Google Now) as well as pause and play your music. The unit also houses the battery which is charged using a microUSB to USB cable.

Taking after Bluetooth-based earbuds, the cable acts as a wireless neckband attaching between both ear cups. This design means that your headphones need to be dual port or have the ability to be detachable in one of the ear cups. Then you pair your device over Bluetooth 4.1 and you’re all set.

Here’s how it works: You replace the ear/headphone’s existing cable with the AirMode cable, which drops down from the headphone and rests on the back of your neck. A slender in-line controller with controls for volume and track skip houses dual microphones with noise canceling for making and receiving calls, the Bluetooth transmitter, and the battery, which takes 2 hours to charge and provides 6 hours of playtime.

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