Accessories Make Your Pixel 2 Better

Accessories Make Your Pixel 2 Better

March 19, 2018 by Mixcder

The Pixel 2 is Google’s premium smartphone, which earns fame and popularity. If you are going to get yourself a Pixel 2, which accessories would you want to buy to work with it? Which accessories could get the most out of it and work well with it?

Google live case

Pixel 2 is not a budget-friendly Android phone. If you are reluctant to pay expensive repair cost, please do yourself a favor and protect it with a case.

Besides, you can customize your case with a stunning shot from your own photo roll, from Google Earth, or sample a work of art. Google’s Live Cases are some of the most customizable around. Every Live Case comes with a programmable shortcut button that triggers actions and apps, and an animated wallpaper that turns your screen into a personal slide show. 

Zagg InvisibleShield Glass+

Pixel 2 might be durable, but it is too hard to avoid being scratched. With advanced shatter protection, InvisibleShield Glass+ features Ion Matrix™ technology – extreme impact and scratch protection that helps preserve every pixel. It’s thick enough to resist scrapes and scratches, but thin enough to avoid impeding the Pixel screen’s vibrancy and touch responsiveness.

Anker USB type C charging cable

You might need alternative charging cables. Anker 6ft USB type C charging cable is a nice and wise choice. It charges phones at high speed offering super speed transfer of 5 Gbps, which is also durable and long enough.

Anker portable power bank

The battery life of Pixel 2 is not super long-standing. If you are a “phone potato” who use smartphone a lot, a durable and portable power bank could get you out of your anxious mind when your phone powers off.

Anker PowerCore II Slim 10000 is slim and ready for palm, pocket or pack. It can charge phone up to 3 times averagely. That is enough for daily use. Its another outstanding feature is the high-speed charge, which efficiently saves your time.

Mixcder wireless headphone

The headphone jack is gone on Pixel 2. USB-C is the only port that you could find on the Pixel 2. To keep things simple and convenient, you need a pair of affordable and good-quality headphone.

Mixcder HD401 adopts APT-X tech that largely stream high-fidelity sound. Over-ear and extra-soft ear pads offer you ultra comfortable wearing experience. You can wear it through the day without pain. Long battery life allows it to play music for around 18 hours for you. The most amazing thing is that this full-featured headphone only costs $39.99.


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